How long is the training?

The complete live certification training is 10 hours, a full day (7 hours) training for the Reiki 1 certification and a further 3 hours a week later to learn how to use it perinatally. The digital training is a self-paced 3 hour training plus 15 minutes for your attunement which happens at a scheduled time. If you're already Reiki certified you can join just for the 3 hour live training.

What's the difference between the digital training and the live training?

The digital certification gives you everything you need to be able to use Reiki effectively with your clients in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This training is for you if you'd like to use Reiki in your birth work, are happy with a fundamental training and don't want to work as a Reiki practitioner.

The complete live training includes more in depth teaching about Reiki and how to become more deeply connected to it. The content pertaining to birth work is the same, all of it is offered in both trainings. Your attunement will be performed live during the class rather than at a separate scheduled time. You'll be taught directly by me and be able to ask questions.


This more detailed teaching enables you to become certified as a Reiki 1 practitioner. It also includes 5.75 CEUs from ICEA. This training is for you if you want the full Reiki 1 curriculum, might want to offer Reiki as a standalone service to your clients and want to be Reiki certified.


Will I be Reiki certified after class?

After the digital training, no.
After the complete live training, yes. It includes a Reiki 1 certification that enables you to join professional associations, get insurance and work as a professional Reiki practitioner. Many graduates of Reiki for Birth Workers™️ now have parallel Reiki businesses. If you'd like to get Reiki certified please sign up for the live training.


Will I really be able to do Reiki after this training?

Yes! I've taught hundreds of students and every one of them can do Reiki after the training. It can be hard to wrap your head around it being so easy but it really is. We all have the innate ability connect to Reiki and channel it (it's what happens when we kiss it better for our kids), taking a class turns the dial up on this ability.


Some people can find it hard to feel energy after training and need to practice before they feel it, others feel it right away (this is more common). Even if you can't feel it it's still working and will be a great benefit to you and your clients.

Do I get CEUs?

After the digital training, no.
After the complete live training, yes. It includes 7 CEUs from the International Childbirth Education Association. You'll get your CEUs on completion of the class.
There are no CEUs available if you just join for the 3 hour module.

How does the attunement take place?

In the complete live training there's a section in the class where I give an attunement to everyone one by one. For the digital training you also need to sign up for a time for your attunement. We won't meet but I do it remotely at your scheduled time.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds aren't available. If you have to miss class because of a birth you'll be bumped into the next class without a penalty.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, please contact me directly to discuss your needs.

Can I pay in another currency?

You can pay in either US Dollars or British Pounds. Payment is automatically set up in Dollars, if you want to pay in Pounds please contact me before booking and I'll send you payment details.

Will I be able to treat my clients or cure them?

Reiki is not a replacement for medical care. It provides another option of natural support for your clients but there are no guaranteed outcomes and your clients should still receive medical care for any issues they are facing.

Will I be able to work as a Reiki practitioner?

If you take the digital training, no.
If you take the complete live training, yes as it's a Reiki 1 certification and you'll be able to get professional insurance and join professional associations if you want to, although neither of them are required to practice professionally.


Most people who want to work as a Reiki professional take Reiki 2 and Reiki Master training, both of which are available in the coming weeks and months.


Many Reiki for Birth Workers alumni now have thriving Reiki businesses alongside their birth businesses, with birth clients going on to become Reiki clients and not only providing another revenue stream but a way to continue your relationships with your clients.

I'm already Reiki certified but I'd like to learn how to use it in birth. Is this course right for me?

You can sign up for just the additional birth work module without repeating Reiki 1. There's an option to do this if you click the link to sign up for a training. You'll need to submit a copy of your Reiki certificate and your Reiki lineage (which you should find in your manual).

Do you teach other Reiki classes? Can I continue my training with you?

Yes, I teach all Reiki levels so you can train up to Master level with me. I also teach a class for Parents where you learn how to use Reiki to treat over 20 common childhood ailments, and The Business of Healing where you learn how to set up a healing practice and get your first paying clients.