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Get Ready for the Birth of your Dreams

Get Ready for the Birth of your Dreams

Are you dreaming of an empowered, natural birth?

You're reading all the birth books, watching the birth videos, saying the affirmations, learning hypnobirthing, interviewing doulas, figuring out how to manage pain and researching all the ways to make your baby's birth an amazing experience.

There's a simple, natural method that helps you have an easier pregnancy, a calmer birth and a faster recovery and has been clinically shown to reduce pain for pregnant people.

And the best part is, your partner can do it for you.

Reiki for Birth Partners is a must if you want to give birth without pain medication

Reiki is one of the best natural methods of pain relief there is. It's a beautiful and loving way to connect with your partner, an amazing way for them to connect and bond with your baby before they're born, and it helps them stay calm, grounded and present so they can be your rock.

Reiki is a Japanese hands-on energy healing modality that's been clinically shown to have a positive impact in pregnancy:

  • 78% improvement in pain
  • 80% improvement in nausea
  • 86% improvement in sleep
  • 94% improvement in anxiety

(Results from a clinical trial at Hartford Hospital, CT)

Reiki helps people have faster, easier labours with less pain relief and fewer interventions.

One OBGYN dropped her c-section rate from 20% to 5% after she started giving her patients Reiki when they were in labor.

ReikiBirthers have calmer, easier births

"It helped to reduce pain during labor"

"Reiki allowed me to provide more meaningful support during childbirth and gave me a deeper sense of purpose.

It also kept Jennifer and our baby calm when things went slightly off course."

Jennifer & Adam

"She got to fully dilated without any pain relief apart from Reiki"

“Luke was incredibly centred throughout labor and I was grateful for his calming presence, which he attributes to Reiki. I felt beautifully held by him.”

Nadia & Luke

"Reiki was like a wave of calm for me"

"Reiki was able to not only relax and calm Sarah but take some of the physical stress off of her. Using Reiki for Birth Partners brought us closer, and connected us even more with the baby."

Sarah & Ian

Reiki for Birth Partners will help your partner play an integral role in bringing your baby into the world

They might not let on, but birth partners often feel like a spare part.

Everything is (quite rightly) focused on you, but they want to know how they can be involved and show up for you.

They want to feel useful.

They want to play a meaningful role in the birth of your baby.

They do not want to see you in pain.

They want practical tools that empower them in their role.

And you need them to help you feel calm, safe and supported.

Reiki for Birth Partners gives them all this and more, so they can be a bigger part of making this birth an amazing and empowering experience for you both. They'll feel prepared, confident and connected, so they can really hold and support you.

Now your birth partner can become a pain relieving machine and also support you during pregnancy and postpartum with any challenges you have

Reiki for Birth Partners is an on-demand specialized training that takes about 5 hours. In that time your partner will learn how to:

  • Relieve you from the discomforts and challenges of pregnancy including morning sickness, insomnia and sciatica
  • Connect and bond with your baby before they're born
  • Meet you on a deep energetic level and bring another dimension to your intimacy
  • Relax you in labor with phenomenal pain management
  • Nourish and nurture you after your baby's born with challenges including physical recovery and milk supply
  • Soothe your baby from common challenges including colic, feeding and teething
  • Support themselves so they can show up calm, centered, grounded and clear on the big day

And they'll have natural pain relief in the palm of their hands

They'll learn how to use Reiki to support themselves through this journey so they feel calm and grounded at the birth and beyond, and how to use it to support your baby with the most common challenges babies have in their first months of life.

The extra support they’ll be able to give you will prepare you and your body better for birth, even if you're planning a C-section, and make your recovery quicker and easier.

They’ll also learn how to energetically prepare you, themselves and the birth space for the big day.

They don’t need to have any Reiki experience or knowledge, the course is designed for complete beginners. But if your partner already knows how to do Reiki, they’ll learn how to use it with maximum effect with you.

Your baby's birth is a once in a lifetime experience

The best investment of time and money you can make isn't in the nursery, it's in your birth. You're both going to remember this experience for the rest of your lives.

Birth can be amazing, but it can also be difficult, and even traumatic. Magical births don't usually happen by accident. The more you plan and prepare for an amazing birth, the more likely it'll happen. You and your birth partner are a team, you both need to get ready.

Take a hypnobirthing class. Take a childbirth education class. Have your partner take Reiki for Birth Partners.

Sign your partner up today and they can upgrade the way they care for you right away

Reiki for Birth Partners costs $297 and comes with a 14 day no questions asked refund policy. It will only take your partner 5 hours, at their own pace, to transform the way they can show up for you and help you have the birth of the dreams.

Need to get your partner on board first?



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