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I'm on a mission to improve birth outcomes

How we're born matters. How we birth matters.

Birth should be a wild, magical, transformational rite of passage. Instead for a huge proportion of people it's scary and traumatizing.

Every day in my energy healing office I work on people's in utero, birth and infancy experiences that are still impacting them as adults.

Knowing how much it can transform birthing experiences and reduce trauma, I wanted to get Reiki into the hands of as many birth workers as possible. So, drawing on my experience and training in Reiki, Kinesiology and Acupuncture, I created Reiki for Birth Workers™️ and started teaching it to doulas, midwives and other birth professionals in Los Angeles.

After dads-to-be started joining those classes I created a training just for them (and other birth support people), and Reiki for Birth Partners™️ was born.

My passion and mission is to have Reiki as standard care in the birth room. And to know babies, and parents, are welcomed in an optimal environment for minimal interventions and a blissful, life-enhancing birth birth.

As well as working as an energy healer since 2010, I’ve studied Reiki extensively. I trained as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2013 and am trained to this level in both Western and Japanese Reiki and offer a broad and rich training for my students.

I'm a mom of two boys, one born at home with midwives, the other in hospital with L&D nurses, doula and OBGYN.

Welcome to the growing movement of ReikiBirthers who are revolutionizing care and support for birthing people and their babies.



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